Convention season is here!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Holy smokes! It's been almost 5 months since I've posted. Needless to say, the holidays were brutal. This winter has seemed to last forever, and I don't think it's quite over with.

But with the approach of spring, so comes the start of convention season!! So, with that, here are the details I have so far of my upcoming appearances:

March 23- DanCon 


April 25-27- C2E2

I don't know my table number yet, but I will be sharing it with my friend, Joanna Estep ( I'll update as soon as I know it.

May 3- FCBD at Dreamland Comics

I'll be there with my pal,  writer Russell Lissau. We will have copies of our new book, SURVIVAL available to purchase. 

May 17-18 Spring Con

July 3-6 CONvergence



At all these appearances, I will have copies of Dr Goyle, as well as prints, and I will be doing sketches. And here are the prices for sketches:


9x12 bust only  $15 inks  $20 color

9x12 figure        $25 inks  $40 color

11x17 figure        $50 inks  $75 color

Additional figures are $10 each.  Sketches done on sketch covers I have are $30 for inks and $40 for color. If you supply the sketch cover, its the same price as a 9x12.


That's about it. As details on more shows arrive, I will post them! Hope to see many of you there!!