Free Comic Book Day at Neptune Comics!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

So tomorrow, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day. If you've never heard of it, its basically the day that all comic book retailers have that celebrates comics. Publishers offer up special comics that highlight their various titles, and they are given away free to fans. It's pretty much a big PR day for companies, and a good way for retailers to get more folks into their stores, especially folks who are new to comics. 

It's isn't really free to the retailers though, they still have to pat for the books. They get them at a much cheaper rate than normal, but they sill have to pay for the books. A lot of stores also bring in creators to sign, draw, whatever, as well. So a lot of retailers are often in the hole before the day even begins. That is why it's important if you attend a FCBD event, buy some other stuff from the store. Don't just grab your freebies and go. Look around, maybe buy a trade of something you've been interested in, buy some toys, or Magic cards, Even one comic book helps. These are the folks that bring you fun every Wednesday, so show them some love, and keep them in business.

I'll be at Neptune Comics for FCBD, along with my artist friend Joanna Estep. Joanna has been an artist for Tokyo Pop, Archaia, and a few other publishers. We'll be there from 11-5, selling comics, prints, and doing art for people. I will also have a Dr Goyle FCBD book available as well.

I'll be doing $10 sketches on backing boards. They will be pretty simple ones, and if you want something more detailed, I can do those too. I will also have prints of the hugs Avengers jam that I did with some other artists for sale as well. When I mean a huge print, I mean huge.

Member of the Star Wars 501st Garrison will be on hand from 11-1, and there will be cake as well. So if you are in the area of Waukesha, Wisconsin, come on by and see us. More info can be found at See you there!