Commissions and things that shall be named

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Know what sucks? When things break, like cars. Found out today I need new brakes on the vehicle. So I am opening up commissions to help pay for it.

$50 gets you a full color 9x12 bust shot of one figure, $80 gets you a full color 11x17 full figure piece. So if you are interested, let me know. It would really help me out.

One of the projects I am doing is called Survival. Written by Russell Lissau ( Strawberry Shortcake, Batman Strikes!), its the story of a family trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, by hiding out in a warehouse club store. To help pay for the making of the comic, we are offering naming rights to the characters and the store name. We are also offering image rights. So if you want to name the character, it's $50, if you want to be drawn as a character, it's $75. You can be the Mom, the Dad, the tween daughter (the main character), the Army sergeant, or Army specialist. It's a cool opportunity to be in a comic, or have a friend or loved one be in it. If you'd like to do it, just contact me here, and we'll get it figured out.

See ya in the funny books!!