Geek chic, fandom , and DanCon!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

So I've started watching The Big Bang Theory on dvd and TBS reruns. I know, "where have I been" and "why haven't you been watching til now??" is going through your mind. Well I don't watch tv. I don't have the time, or a tv. Long story.

I find the show very funny. As Jen will testify, I am frequently laughing my ass off and crying I am laughing so hard. I find it funny because I can relate to the characters on the show. There was a time where I collected cool stuff, and displayed it proudly on my shelves. I still buy comics, though not as much as I used to.

Many geeks have decried the show, saying it's making fun of the culture, I say it embraces it. It shows guys who are loving the life they have, and will not change it for anybody. I remember people asking me why I would spend $$ on "toys" and collectibles. I would ask them why they would spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of tennis shoes. It 's about enjoying what you like. Screw people who don't get that.

This Saturday I will be at DanCon in Orland Park, Illinois. Its a pretty cool show that I went to last year, and it's getting a lot bigger, so big they have a spring and fall show. I will be there with several of my artist pals. I will have Dr Goyle comics, art, buttons, and prints for sale. I will have 4 new prints, including a limited edition Avengers Jam print, featuring the art of Cory Hamscher, Justin Williams, Bill Maus, Gregg Paulsen, and myself. It's pretty bad ass, if I do say so myself. For more info, go to:

Hope to see lots of folks there!!