Webcomics n other projects

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Comics are pretty cool things, because there is no restriction on what kind of subject matter, or format. Like webcomics. I love webcomics. But there are just too many to keep up on, At one point last year I was following 12 of them, and then I just kind of stopped. Just because of the time I was spending working and drawing, I found it hard to keep up on them. 

I still read a few, and they are gems for sure. But I now I really appreciate what goes into them, since I am now doing one myself. Every Wednesday I do a webcomic called Pub Dread. It's at the Alphadog Studios website, www.alphadogstudios.net , and I'm pretty proud of it. So if you haven't checked it out, go do so. My studio mates each do a webcomic on the site on a different day, so you should definitely see what they are doing as well.

Got a few other projects going right now that are in development. Hopefully when they become a bit more solid, I can share them. But until then, you'll know as much as I do.

Later all!!