Hello again

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

So, it's been 18 months since my last blog post. Which makes me a bad creator and blogger, probably one of the worst. Time to correct that. It's a new year so time for some changes and getting more motivated to write. 

So what has been going on? Lots and lots of things. 2016 saw the completion of the Ironclad graphic novel, with inks by me. That will see publication in 2018 from Committed Comics. I also completed art for the mini comic Dinner At Dante's, written by Russell Lissau, my partner in crime on the Survival comic from a few years ago. That will be released in February and I'll have copies at all my shows this year. The biggest release I had was my all ages creator owned book, Ghoul Scouts, which was released in June from Action Lab. Steve Bryant wrote it, and I drew it. It got great reviews and sold fairly well. We have a second season in the works for release in mid 2017. I attended a few shows last year, mostly local, and did a bunch of signings for Ghoul Scouts. 

So what's coming up? Well as I said , a second volume of Ghoul Scouts is in the works. I'm working on another project with Steve Bryant, but just in the inking capacity.  I'm still hoping to get some new creator owned projects out at some point his year but that's a long way off yet. I'm mostly just going to keep on developing my own projects and tell my stories. 

As far as shows and appearances, I just have 1 show scheduled. I'll be at the Emerald City Comic Con from March 1-5, sitting next to Steve Bryant. We'll have lots of cool stuff and we'll be doing art. 

My goal is to post every week going forward. It may be about comics, or not much at all but I promise it'll be something. 


MSP Comicon and a new contest!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Hey all! This weekend I will be in Minneapolis for the MSP Comicon, formerly known as Springcon. There will tons of  comic guests, and all sorts of fun.

Just go here to see all the info: http://midwestcomicbook.com/

That being said, I am doing a great new contest that gives folks a chance to get a free 9x12 color sketch from me! I will be having a Retweet Treat contest going on over at my Twitter account :


I will be posting all the sketch commissions I do at the show on my twitter account with the hashtag #MSPC2015. All you have to do is click "RETWEET" on the image of the sketch. After the convention, I use a random number generator to find a winner from all those that retweeted any/all of my convention sketches hashtagged for that weekend.

The contest runs Saturday May 16-Monday May 18. I will pick the winner on Tuesday. You OD NOT have to attend the convention to participate, if you have a Twitter account, you can get in on the fun!

Thanks everyone! Hope to see you at the show!! Enjoy the Retweet Treat!!


Holiday Cheer sale!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Happy Holidays one and all! Lots going on with the holidays coming up, so I decided that it was time to have a big holiday sale.

If you were looking for a unique gift for the comic book or fandom lover in your life, I've got the sale for you! I have prints, blank sketch covers available for custom commissions, and I am making some commission spots available as well. Hand made gifts tend to be appreciated, and I know  am a big fan of them!

Everything will be for sale in my Etsy shop starting at Midnight CST tonight November 24. 

You can see the items in my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/inkermark.

The sale however is at http://www.etsyonsale.com/shop/inkermark.

If you are interested in getting a copy of my comic book SURVIVAL, those can be obtained by contacting me here at my site.

SURVIVAL is $5 for a standard version, or $10 for a sketch version. Shipping is $5.

If you want something in time for the holidays, buy as soon as you can. In a message to me, indicate when you need it shipped by and I will attempt to get it done in time. But ordering early is the key.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or through my Etsy shop.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!



Long time, no talk..

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Ok, it's been a while, 6 months in fact. What have I been doing? More like what haven't I been doing.


I've done a few cons, worked on comics, enjoyed the summer, and I got married.  Yup Jen and I finally tied the knot on September 13th. The weather was beautiful, but a little cool.  We we surrounded by our families and a few close friends, and it couldn't be more perfect. We are very happy together.


Comics are going well, but slowly. Been trying to get a few things off my plate so I can start new ones. Looking to have Dragonseed done next week. I am leaving after issue 2 to do other things. Ironclad is on it's last chapter and should be done by end of the year.

Dr Goyle is still gonna be a web comic, but probably not until the beginning of next year. Ghouls Scouts ( previously ZomBoy Scouts) is still looking for a home, but we have a few folks interested, and should have some news soon.

A few other things are in the works, but until all the details are hammered out, I will not speak of them.


Con season is pretty much done. FallCon is this Saturday in Minneapolis, and that will be the last one for me for this year. I look forward to it, but am sad the season is over. But I am focusing on new things for next years shows, and planning what shows I want to attend. Details coming soon.

I plan to do more blogging, something every week. I just need to make sure I do it. Like many folks, I have lots of good intentions to do it, but just don't. Time to do it, and stop talking about it.


Until next time folks!



C2E2 print pre-orders available!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Hey all! I will have a brand new print at C2E2 at the end of the month, and it looks like this: 

I did this image as a tribute to Bill Mantlo, creator of Rom and Rocket Raccoon.  The original was sold on eBay and the proceeds are being given for his care. I was fortunate enough to have colorist extraordinaire, Laura Martin, color the piece for me.

So now I have this awesome 11x17 print! I will be selling them for $20, with $10 of each print sale going to Bill's care. I am not making a lot of these, but I am offering them available for pre-order, with pick up at C2E2!

All you have to do is place an order with me through PayPal (msartistmark@gmail.com). In the comments/message section, put in how many prints you are ordering. Your email confirmation is your receipt. I will have your name on a list, and once I get the prints, I will bag your order and have a copy of the email confirming the order on the bag.  You then come pick it up from me at Table F-15 in Artist Alley. It's that simple.

I have a feeling these prints will go fast, so if you want one, I suggest ordering it!


Thanks all!  See you at the show!!


C2E2 Commission pre-orders!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Hey all!! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am opening up commission pre-orders for C2E2! I am doing both 9x12 and 11x17 commissions. Pre-orders are $40 for 9x12 full color bust shots of a single figure, $50 for a 9x12 full color, full figure piece, and $90 for a 11x17 full colo,r full figure piece. These are a bit more than the prices for a regular sketch, mostly because I will have more time to devote to them than I would at the show. These commissions will also only be available for pick up at the show.

Here are examples of the types of pre-show commissions:

This is an example of a 9x12 large bust piece.

This is an example of a 9x12 large bust piece.

This is an example of a 9x12 full figure piece.

This is an example of a 9x12 full figure piece.

This is a 11x17 full figure piece.

This is a 11x17 full figure piece.

If you are interested in ordering a commission, please contact me here at my site. Orders need to be placed by Tuesday April 15th, for pick up at the show. Payment of commissions is only through PayPal.


Thanks folks!

Convention season is here!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Holy smokes! It's been almost 5 months since I've posted. Needless to say, the holidays were brutal. This winter has seemed to last forever, and I don't think it's quite over with.

But with the approach of spring, so comes the start of convention season!! So, with that, here are the details I have so far of my upcoming appearances:

March 23- DanCon   




April 25-27- C2E2  http://www.c2e2.com/

I don't know my table number yet, but I will be sharing it with my friend, Joanna Estep (http://cargocollective.com/joannaestep). I'll update as soon as I know it.

May 3- FCBD at Dreamland Comics  http://www.dreamland-comics.com/

I'll be there with my pal,  writer Russell Lissau. We will have copies of our new book, SURVIVAL available to purchase. 

May 17-18 Spring Con



July 3-6 CONvergence





At all these appearances, I will have copies of Dr Goyle, as well as prints, and I will be doing sketches. And here are the prices for sketches:


9x12 bust only  $15 inks  $20 color

9x12 figure        $25 inks  $40 color

11x17 figure        $50 inks  $75 color

Additional figures are $10 each.  Sketches done on sketch covers I have are $30 for inks and $40 for color. If you supply the sketch cover, its the same price as a 9x12.


That's about it. As details on more shows arrive, I will post them! Hope to see many of you there!!


Commission drive and helping out kitties.

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Hey all, lots going on here. I am opening up commission spots as of Friday, November 1. I am opening up 8 spots total, and here are the prices:

1 figure 9x12 full color  $50

1 figure 11x17 full color $80

Now here comes the fun part, 25% of the proceeds from these commissions will be donated to the Milwaukee Meowsic fest. For the last 3 years now, this fest has been held to benefit the Happy Endings No-Kill Cat shelter in Milwaukee. The fest was created and is organized by my good friend Kassy, and her husband Chad Novell. They have various musical groups play, they have a bake sale, and they have great prizes that they raffle off.  I've been a guest since the start, doing sketches, selling prints, and donating a good portion of the proceeds to the event. Every bit of $$ brought in goes to the shelter.

This year the event is held on Saturday, November 16th. They have an event page on Facebook, which you can look at here for info:


I will also be doing commissions at the event. They will be the same price as my con appearance prices.  

9x12 Inked head shots $20 Color $30

9x12 Inked single figure $30 Color $40

11x17 Inked figure $50 Color $60

I will also have prints for sale at the show. $15 each or 2 for $20. $5 from print sales will go to the shelter during this appearance. For a look at the prints I will have, here is a link to my Facebook gallery: 


I am only having the commission list open until Saturday, November 9th, which is 1 week before the show. Payment is due upon order of the commission. I plan to have the commissions done before Christmas. Art makes a great gift for the holidays, and any commission ordered for a gift for the holidays will be done asap. It can be anything too, not just superheroes. It can be movie/tv characters, RPG characters, sci-fi/fantasy, etc. I can draw it all!!

So if you are a cat lover, please think about getting a commission. This is a great cause, and you'll be helping out a lot. Not to mention, you'll have a great piece of art!  If you are interested, feel free to contact me here at my website, or through any of the many social media sites I'm at.


Thanks folks!! 

Fallcon and I-CON coming up!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Hey all!! This Saturday, October 5th, I will be at Fallcon, the Minnesota one day wonder! It runs 10-5 and is held in the Education building on the Minnesota State Fair grounds. I will be selling several prints, Dr Goyle comics, and I will be doing sketch commissions! 

Here is info on my prices for the show: 

9x12 sketch inked head shot $20 bust shot $30 Color add $10

11x17 full figure inked sketch $50 Color $60

Prints $15 each or 2 for $20

Dr Goyle bundle: Issues 1-3, Dr Goyle special, and Halloween print $20

Free print with the purchase of any art. 

To see some of the prints I'll have at Fallcon, check them out here: 


For more info on the show just go to the Midwest Comic Book Association website: 



On October 19th I will be in Des Moines, Iowa for I-CON. Held at Barrata's from 10-5. I will have all the same deals and prices as at Fallcon. I am taking pre-orders for sketches until October 12th. $40 for a 9x12 full color sketch of one (1) character. Contact me here at my website if interested. 

For more info on the show, just go to the I-Con Facebook page: 



Hope to see a lot of you at the shows!! 

Cincy Con this weekend!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Hey all! Haven't posted in a while, but wanted to let everyone know about this weekend! I will be appearing at the very first Cincy ComicCon, this weekend September 6-8,along with my Alphadog Studios brothers Will Caligan and Bat Hilliard. We will be at BOOTH #301, located near the front  area, just over from the Ecto 1!

We will have books, prints, and will be doing commissions. Here is our pricing for our stuff: 

11x17 prints- $10 each or 3 for $20

14x20 prints- $15 each or 2 for $20

Comics- $4 or $5 ( depending on title)

Mix n Match- 2  11x17 prints and a comic for  $20


8.5x11 bust pencils- $20 inks $30 color $40

8.5x11 full figure pencils- $30 inks $45 color $55

11x17 full figure pencils $60 inks $90 color $100

extra figures $20 each

All art comes with a protective sleeve. 

For more info on Cincy ComicCon, just go to their website  


and come find us on the floor with this map  



Hope to see folks there!! 

Got free stuff? Yes I do!!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Everyone likes free stuff. Everyone. I like free stuff too, I like giving away free stuff even more. So that's what I'm gonna do.

This summer and fall, I am giving away FREE copies of Dr Goyle to everyone. You heard me, FREE. All you have to do is be a fan of my work. I have a fan page on Facebook, and I have a blog on Tumblr. Be a follower of either of those, and you get a copy of Dr Goyle Special #1, and a cool postcard too. Not on Facebook or Tumblr? Well just buy some of my wares at a show, and you'll get a comic and postcard. Even if you only buy a $1 button, you get the comic. It's that simple. I just want people to become familiar with Dr Goyle, and hopefully enjoy his adventures.

So just go to my Facebook fan page and 'like' it:


or my Tumblr blog and follow me:


Then if you are at a show I'm at, just show me you are a follower or fan, and BAM! you get free stuff.

So go to it. The first show I will be doing this at will be Springcon in Minneapolis next weekend, May 18-19. Hope to see you there!

Springcon is busting out all over!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Or maybe it isn't. Actually, I 'm pretty sure it is. Anyway, on May 18th-19th, I will be at Springcon, my favorite con of the year. Held on the Minnesota State Fair grounds, it features tons of creators, and comics. Lots and lots of comics. I will be making my 20th appearance at the show, perfect for their 25th anniversary. I will be there with copies of Dr Goyle 1&2, as well as buttons, and a few prints, including the new "Bizarro Thotful Spot" print. I will also be doing sketches. Want a sketch, here is the price list:

9x12 bust b&w  $40  color $50

11x17 full figure  b&w $60  color $80

I also have a few blank sketch cover comics as well. Sketches done on those are $40 for b&w and $60 for color.

If you want to get a sketch, I will take pre-orders on Friday May 10th.

Hope to see a lot of you there!!

Free Comic Book Day at Neptune Comics!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

So tomorrow, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day. If you've never heard of it, its basically the day that all comic book retailers have that celebrates comics. Publishers offer up special comics that highlight their various titles, and they are given away free to fans. It's pretty much a big PR day for companies, and a good way for retailers to get more folks into their stores, especially folks who are new to comics. 

It's isn't really free to the retailers though, they still have to pat for the books. They get them at a much cheaper rate than normal, but they sill have to pay for the books. A lot of stores also bring in creators to sign, draw, whatever, as well. So a lot of retailers are often in the hole before the day even begins. That is why it's important if you attend a FCBD event, buy some other stuff from the store. Don't just grab your freebies and go. Look around, maybe buy a trade of something you've been interested in, buy some toys, or Magic cards, Even one comic book helps. These are the folks that bring you fun every Wednesday, so show them some love, and keep them in business.

I'll be at Neptune Comics for FCBD, along with my artist friend Joanna Estep. Joanna has been an artist for Tokyo Pop, Archaia, and a few other publishers. We'll be there from 11-5, selling comics, prints, and doing art for people. I will also have a Dr Goyle FCBD book available as well.

I'll be doing $10 sketches on backing boards. They will be pretty simple ones, and if you want something more detailed, I can do those too. I will also have prints of the hugs Avengers jam that I did with some other artists for sale as well. When I mean a huge print, I mean huge.

Member of the Star Wars 501st Garrison will be on hand from 11-1, and there will be cake as well. So if you are in the area of Waukesha, Wisconsin, come on by and see us. More info can be found at www.neptunecomics.com. See you there!

Cons, appearances, projects, and life.

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

So here we are, Spring has finally sprung. Which means cons rapidly approaching., as well as a few appearances. So here is the breakdown:

FUNdraiser at Eagle school Friday May 3  5pm-9pm- I'll be doing small $5 sketches, and larger $10 sketches, with all proceeds going to the school. My future step-daughter goes to the school, and I'm glad to help them out. If you are in the Madison area, please stop by and help.

Free Comic Book Day at Neptune Comics Saturday May 4 11am-4pm- I'll be appearing at Neptune Comics in Waukesha, Wisconsin for FCBD. I'll have copies of the Dr Goyle FCBD book, and will also have copies of Dr Goyle 1&2, as well as prints, and other art. I will be doing $10 backing board sketches. For those wanting something more elaborate, I will also do other size sketches, but they are more expensive. See my price list at the end of the post.

Springcon in Minneapolis, MN May 18-19  10am-5pm- Another great show, probably my favorite. I'll have all sorts of stuff, Dr Goyle books, prints, and I will be doing sketches. I am currently taking pre-orders, so if you want one, let me know, and we'll discuss price.

CONvergence in Minneapolis July 4-7- I'll be at this 4 day show once again. I'll be set up in Artist Alley most of the con. I will also be doing a few panels, and 1 autograph session while I'm there. I'f you haven't been to this show, you're missing out.

Comic Book Mania Convention Elgin, Ill Saturday July 13 10am-5pm- I'll be at his show for the first time. It's held at the Gail Borden Public Library, and is featuring some great guests. I'll have books and prints, and will be doing sketches.

Wizard World Chicago August 15-18- I'll be set up in Artist Alley with my Alphadog Studio brothers. We'll have copies of all our books, prints, and we'll be doing sketches.

Prices for art:

9x12 B&W bust shot $40  Color $60

11x17 B&W full figure  $75  Color $100

Additional figures are $20 extra.  I do take credit cards as well.

I'll have a few new projects out later this year, both featuring kids and zombies. First off, I'll be doing a one-shot book called Survival, written by Russell )Strawberry Shortcake, Batman Strikes!) Lissau. The second is a series called Zomboy Scouts. It's written by Steve (Athena Voltaire, Black Cobra) Bryant. I am doing all the art for both series. Should be pretty fun stuff. I'll keep everyone updated.

Life is going pretty well. A few bumps in the road here and there, but overall, pretty great. Jen and I move into our new place on May 16th, and celebrate our 1 year anniversary together a few weeks after that. I feel very lucky to have her in my life. She brings me a lot of happiness and joy.

I have also decided to look into going back to school, and get my Bachelor's degree, and then become a teacher, an art teacher. Go figure. Working with the kids at Eagle school in the Comic Club has been a real joy, and I like that I have helped kids unleash their creativity. I'll keep folks posted on how that goes.

Talk to you soon everyone!!

Geek chic, fandom , and DanCon!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

So I've started watching The Big Bang Theory on dvd and TBS reruns. I know, "where have I been" and "why haven't you been watching til now??" is going through your mind. Well I don't watch tv. I don't have the time, or a tv. Long story.

I find the show very funny. As Jen will testify, I am frequently laughing my ass off and crying I am laughing so hard. I find it funny because I can relate to the characters on the show. There was a time where I collected cool stuff, and displayed it proudly on my shelves. I still buy comics, though not as much as I used to.

Many geeks have decried the show, saying it's making fun of the culture, I say it embraces it. It shows guys who are loving the life they have, and will not change it for anybody. I remember people asking me why I would spend $$ on "toys" and collectibles. I would ask them why they would spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of tennis shoes. It 's about enjoying what you like. Screw people who don't get that.

This Saturday I will be at DanCon in Orland Park, Illinois. Its a pretty cool show that I went to last year, and it's getting a lot bigger, so big they have a spring and fall show. I will be there with several of my artist pals. I will have Dr Goyle comics, art, buttons, and prints for sale. I will have 4 new prints, including a limited edition Avengers Jam print, featuring the art of Cory Hamscher, Justin Williams, Bill Maus, Gregg Paulsen, and myself. It's pretty bad ass, if I do say so myself. For more info, go to:


Hope to see lots of folks there!!

Commissions and things that shall be named

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Know what sucks? When things break, like cars. Found out today I need new brakes on the vehicle. So I am opening up commissions to help pay for it.

$50 gets you a full color 9x12 bust shot of one figure, $80 gets you a full color 11x17 full figure piece. So if you are interested, let me know. It would really help me out.

One of the projects I am doing is called Survival. Written by Russell Lissau ( Strawberry Shortcake, Batman Strikes!), its the story of a family trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, by hiding out in a warehouse club store. To help pay for the making of the comic, we are offering naming rights to the characters and the store name. We are also offering image rights. So if you want to name the character, it's $50, if you want to be drawn as a character, it's $75. You can be the Mom, the Dad, the tween daughter (the main character), the Army sergeant, or Army specialist. It's a cool opportunity to be in a comic, or have a friend or loved one be in it. If you'd like to do it, just contact me here, and we'll get it figured out.

See ya in the funny books!!

Love..and MightyCon!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

They say love is a many splendored thing. I don't know about that, all I know is that it's pretty great. This past Valentine's Day, my girlfriend Jen and I got engaged.We've only been together 9 months, but she is the love of my life. I can't really think of my life before I met her, and I can't imagine my future without her.We haven't set a date yet, but it won't be until next year at the earliest. We're looking forward to a future together, I know I can't wait.

This weekend is MightyCon in Wheaton, Illinois. It is at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and goes from 10-5. Admission is $5. I will have comics, prints, and oodles of other stuff for sale, and I will have some free giveaways too. I will also be doing sketch commissions! So come on by!


Got free stuff?

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Well if you go to a show where I am making an appearance, you can get free stuff from me. I will be giving away a cool little postcard to anyone who wants one. It's got a cool picture of Dr Goyle on one side, and my website address on the other.

So make sure you come see me at shows. I'll be at MightyCon a week from this Saturday, and 2 weeks after that I'll be at DanCon. So come get free stuff!

Cuz everyone likes free stuff, right?

postcards 001.jpg

Webcomics n other projects

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Comics are pretty cool things, because there is no restriction on what kind of subject matter, or format. Like webcomics. I love webcomics. But there are just too many to keep up on, At one point last year I was following 12 of them, and then I just kind of stopped. Just because of the time I was spending working and drawing, I found it hard to keep up on them. 

I still read a few, and they are gems for sure. But I now I really appreciate what goes into them, since I am now doing one myself. Every Wednesday I do a webcomic called Pub Dread. It's at the Alphadog Studios website, www.alphadogstudios.net , and I'm pretty proud of it. So if you haven't checked it out, go do so. My studio mates each do a webcomic on the site on a different day, so you should definitely see what they are doing as well.

Got a few other projects going right now that are in development. Hopefully when they become a bit more solid, I can share them. But until then, you'll know as much as I do.

Later all!!

Con season is a-comin'!!

Posted on by Mark Stegbauer

Howdy all! Well the con season is approaching rapidly and I for one am looking forward to it! I love going to shows, be they just one day shows, or several day shows. Just being able to meet new fans and see some of my fellow creators is a real treat.

I'll be starting off the season in March. Attending 2 shows that month. Here is where I will be:

Mighty Con Saturday March 2  http://mightycon.com/

Dan Con Saturday March 16 http://danconcomic.blogspot.com/

I will be offering up comics for sale, some prints, and all sorts of other cool things as well. I will be doing sketch commissions at the show.

Commission prices for one (1) figure are:

Pen and ink bust- 9x12   $40  Color $60

Pen and ink full figure- 11x17  $75   Color $100

Additional figures are $20 each.

Hope to see some of you out at the shows!!